Shopping & Alterations FAQ

Shopping for your wedding dress can sometimes be an overwhelming process. Here are a few quick tips to make the experience truly enjoyable:

How far out should you begin shopping for your bridal gown? * Begin shopping at about 6 months. It will take 4-6 months for most dresses to be ordered and arrive, allowing for alterations. Rush ordering can be costly.

When should you determine how much you are willing to spend on a dress? * Establish a budget price-point before shopping! The worst thing would be to fall in love with a dress that is way beyond your budget.

What should I bring to my appointment, beyond a dress budget? * Go prepared with pictures of general and/or specific styles you like. If there are certain embellishments or shapes that you like on different pictures, be sure to point these out to your bridal consultant. Also, go with an open-mind! Bridal consultants are trained experts in what shapes and styles look good on specific body types. You may end up loving a style or shape that you hated in a magazine once you’ve tried it on.

Will I be able to take pictures of myself in the dress? * Sometimes. Bring a camera, although some salons will not allow you to take pictures.

What should I wear under my clothes for the appointment? * Wear undergarments that you are not afraid to be seen in! You will more than likely be bearing all for your bridal consultant, so you’ll want to make sure to be comfortable.

Will I have to put down a deposit? * Yes. Be absolutely sure before you purchase a dress, as many salons require a non-refundable 50% deposit.

What should I wear to a sample sale? * When shopping a sample sale, wear a bathing suit or bodysuit, as you will more than likely be trying on dresses in a room surrounded by strangers.

What should I bring to my alterations appointments? * You will want to bring or wear all of the undergarments you plan to wear on the day of your wedding, including your bra, underwear, hosiery, body shapers, etc. You will also want to bring your shoes (or a shoe with the same height), as you will be hemming your dress in relation to the height of your shoes.

Should I wear makeup to my alterations appointment? * No. You don’t want to risk the chance of makeup rubbing onto your gown.

Should I come alone to my appointment? * No. We suggest bringing at least one person with you to your appointments. It’s great to get a second opinion, and have someone you trust give feedback.

How long are alterations appointments? * Alteration appointments can run anywhere from 15 minutes, to an hour. We also suggest bringing water and a granola bar, as you may be standing for a long period of time.