Shoes and Jewelry and Handbags

Since an outfit is never truly done until it’s accessorized, we believe that your shoes, jewelry and handbag choices are just as important as your dress! Here are a few things to keep in mind when choosing yours:

*  The location, time of year, size, and style of your wedding, along with the shape and style of your dress, all play a part in helping you determine what your accessories should be. For instance, wearing glitzed out heels for a beach wedding is not necessarily the best idea (cute wedges or flats are a better options). Keep these things in mind as you shop!


* Consider buying two types of shoes (one for the ceremony and one for the reception).  Have a more comfortable shoe or flat for the reception can help you to avoid all that annoying ‘shoe-sacrifice’ pain!

* If you don’t normally wear heels, don’t feel pressured to wear them on your wedding day. It’s always nice to go the extra mile for your wedding day, but it’s more important for you to be happy and comfortable! For those who spend most of their time in flats, consider wearing wedges instead of heels.

* Break your shoes in!!! Wear them around the house for two to three weeks before your wedding, and don’t forget to scuff the bottoms. You’ll thank us for avoiding a humiliating fall during your ceremony or reception.

* As you’ll likely be on your feet for the majority of the day, consider buying shoes in one-half size bigger (especially if you are prone to swelling).

* Feel okay to splurge on shoes (even over your dress). You’re much more likely to wear them again. Plus, it’s a fun tradition to wear your wedding shoes for each wedding anniversary.


* Jewelry is all about balance! Typically, bold earrings pair best with bracelets, and necklaces pair best with earring studs and rings. Again, there are no hard and fast rules. If you feel balanced with lots of bling (and you’re not over shadowing your dress), fee free to wear any jewelry combination you wish. Some say that wearing anything beyond your engagement ring (and soon-to-wear wedding band) is cliché…but if you love big and bold rings, we say, why not!?

* Heirloom jewelry pieces are always great! But if you don’t own any, choose jewelry that can become heirloom pieces for your own future generations.


* Don’t forget a handbag. You’ll likely have lipstick, tissues, gum & your ID in it! Choose a cute clutch or wristlet that can be used for future special occasions or anniversaries, and be sure to choose a piece that keeps in balance with your entire wedding day ensemble.