Inspiration Boards – Kelly Clark

Have you ever seen a gorgeous wedding image in a magazine and thought, “I love this style, but there is no way it will fit into my budget!” Have no fear! By hiring a talented coordinator, your style does not have to be sacrificed at the altar!

Meet Kelly Clark Leonard, a wedding coordinator servicing the Santa Barbara and Los Angeles area since 2005. Her warm demeanor and Zen-like presence will make planning your wedding peaceful and fun! Best of all, she will help you plan your wedding with your style in mind, all while watching your budget.

Originally from Santa Barbara and with a background in floral design, opening her own wedding coordination business was her dream since childhood, and a perfect fusion of all her talents. “I love interpreting different styles into a reality!” Kelly says with excitement.

One of the first assignments Kelly gives to a new bride is to go buy all of the beautiful wedding magazines that she can find. Next, pull pages from the magazines that appeal to her style and save them in a binder.

“Don’t think about price. Just cut out everything: flowers, lighting, makeup to hairstyles to shoes… everything that you love! It’s great to go online and pull images from there as well!”

At this point, Kelly reviews the bride’s binder and considering her budget, creates an Inspiration Board. “I create the inspiration board by using the bride’s original pictures and adding some new pictures. This gives the bride an idea of how we can realistically create her dream wedding”, explains Kelly.

Once the bride is happy with the Inspiration Board, the planning begins!

On a final note, Kelly encourages couples to hire their wedding planner first. “If a couple selects thier planner early, the planner is able to help them with all aspects of their wedding, offer advice, answer questions along the way and recommend vendors.”

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