“Love”ly Things!

We have found things we love to help celebrate love

In observance of  Valentine’s Day, here are a few things

you can implement into your wedding day.



Love Struck!  These matches are sure to heat things up.

DIY Heart Shaped Garland

Heart Chocolate, a perfect wintery pre-ceremony beverage station

If you love cake, you’ll love this!


 Love does not suck as you sip on these straws!

A Barn Wedding With Debbie Gellar

Debbie Geller of Geller Events created a gorgeous wedding at a private estate in Los Angeles this past year. We caught up with her a few weeks ago. Here’s what she had to say:

Bringing this wedding to life was one of the most exciting projects I have had the chance to execute in twenty years of event production. Having known the bride and her family for over fifteen years, and having experienced their style and sensibilities, I was certain there wasn’t a facility in the area that offered exactly what they were looking for. We decided to build their dream on a vacant lot near the bride’s parents’ home. Starting from scratch represented challenges as well as opportunities.

I turned to Edgar Zamora at Revelry Event Designers to assist with the structure and to create a barn style setting in a tent. In the 60‘x 100’ tent by Classic Party Rentals, a sub floor was built to level out the empty lot. A truss structure with varying ceiling heights was built
and covered in reclaimed wood. 

Sourcing the reclaimed wood was a huge project in and of itself. Revelry Event Designers called all over the city and finally found a place where they could buy enough reclaimed wood from various old buildings across Los Angeles to cover the entire truss. They then had to treat the wood to make sure guests would not encounter splinters or stains if it was touched.

In order to create intimacy and warmth within the structure, we designed a dance floor area with a peaked ceiling using fabric and reclaimed wood beams. A drop-ceiling arbor over the dining area was covered with foliage by The Hidden Garden, and was accented with wooden lanterns. Hand-painted hardwood floors helped set the stage of permanence for this temporary structure, and barn-style doors were the perfect entrance. The biggest challenge of all was building the main doors to the tent to look like an actual barn door. The doors had to be beautiful and functional, and Revelry built it with rivets to look just like a barn door!

Using a combination of rectangular exposed wood tables and round tables with linens, we created an eclectic seating pattern. A variety of chair styles helped to continue this look. The centerpieces executed by The Velvet Garden were different on every table. A combination of wildflowers combined with formal touches completed the look of rustic elegance. Subtle lighting design from Images by Lighting gave the illusion that all of the lighting came from our hanging lanterns and candles, although most of it did not.

When the tent was filled with guests dining and dancing, the joy of the occasion was the last layer on our multi-faceted event. The setting was understated enough to make that joy the primary focus of the evening, and the marriage of bride and groom the most important detail. My favorite moment creating this event was when the inspector from Building and Safety came to inspect the tent, and asked us where it was…while standing in it.


 Event Coordination, Production & Event Design: Debbie Geller of Geller Events

 Event Design: Edgar Zamora of Revelry Event Designers

 Florist:  The Velvet Garden

 Florist:  The Hidden Garden Floral Design

 Rentals, Drapery and Tent Facade: Revelry Event Designers

 Tent: Classic Party Rentals


Bon Appetit and Merci under wraps!

Favors are something guests could keep to remind them of the wedding, as well as a way to say thank you the guests that attend the wedding. Edible favors are popular and a way to share with guests ‘your taste’ and personality.  Here are some mouthwatering examples.


box of s’mores components, personalized and neatly wrapped up until ready to use and perfect for an apres reception bonfire.

Cake Ball Lollipops representing the bride and groom.



Mason jars work well for practically any type of edible, here we have home-made granola and assorted flavored popcorn



Bottled honey in unique jars


Laslty, celebrate your mushy love for each other with these heart-shaped jelly-centered cookies (or any family tradition including a recipe card.

Whatever your flavor, your guests are sure to enjoy a little nibble to remember how much fun they had at your wedding!  Contact your local baker to help you, or a grandmother or any family DIYourselfer.

Brighten Up the BIG Day! with Y-E-L-L-OH!

Got the Winter Blues?

Here are some decor ideas to make your BIG day bright and happy






Choose a Seat

Chair decor is something you can personalize and help to tie in your wedding theme.


From beach to pew, urban to crochet, these personalized style show thru whether it is for ceremony or reception.

Unique Chair Decor Ideas for your next Wedding and Event