Invitations for ‘Ale’ ments

Oftentimes couples struggle to think of original ideas for weddings, as most concepts have a “been there, done that” feel. One aspect of wedding planning which one can find hard to be unique is in the all-important wedding invitation. Twisted Limb Paperworks is an eco-friendly paper company specializing in distinct paper products of all kinds, has a solution: beer paper cards and envelopes.

That’s right, beer paper. Twisted Limb has always been known for its quirky paper products, but this new concept has really taken the cake. They are the first paper company to produce beer paper, making this idea a completely unique one for your wedding invitations that will have your guests raising their glasses in appreciation.

How do they do it? Twisted Limb makes these wedding invites by hand using recycled paper and spent barley from brewing Upland Beer in Bloomington, Indiana. The back of each card tells guests the specific ingredient and the name of the beer used to create their specialized invite. The colors of the cards match your favorite beers: wheat, pilsner, amber, and porter; and you can customize them to fit any of your invitation needs, meaning your wedding invites will be the tastiest brew on tap!

For those of you with a love for beer and the environment, head over to Twisted Limb Paperworks to snatch up the wedding invitations that will make you and your guests drunk… with excitement!

Yellow and Pink Inspired

Inspiration: Grapefruit = yellow and pink decor


Here is a whimsical and light hearted vision board inspired by the colors of ruby red and pink grapefruit.


You are Invited the Santa Barbara Way

If you are looking for unique invitations that represent your personality, theme and vision you should take a good look at Lazaro Design.

Most couples come to Santa Barbara to celebrate and evoke the Spanish Colonial Santa Barbara – here is Tracy’s masterpiece for a client’s RSVP postcard that masters that motion with the Iconic Santa Barbara Courthouse.