Announcing your Engagement!

Congratulations!  He popped the question and you said yes!

Once the euphoria has mellowed out, and you are able to pull your eyes away from the sparkly diamond on your finger, many decisions will need to be made.  For now, however, savor the moment and use this checklist as a guideline to announce your engagement to the world.

  • Tell your parents the happy news, if they do not already know.
  • Arrange for the parents to meet if they haven’t already done so.
  • Call or write to your close friends and relatives to let them know of your engagement.
  • Have an engagement photo taken for your wedding announcements.
  • Make a wedding organizer. You should have an organized way to keep track of appointments, payments, etc., and a system for keeping track of invitations, gifts and thank you notes.
  • Find out the engagement announcement policies of the newspapers where you and your fiancé grew up and where you now live. They may have specific guidelines about how far in advance of the wedding they will publish an announcement. Submit engagement announcements to the papers at the appropriate time.
  • Wait to choose your wedding party until you have more details.  This can be a time when location, budget and other more in depth discussions about the wedding itself will determine details of the wedding party for you.
  • Plan an engagement party!




Engagement Ring & Diamonds are Forever 411

The history of diamond cuts can be traced to the late Middle Ages, before which time diamonds were enjoyed in their natural octahedral state—anhedral (poorly formed) diamonds simply were not used in jewelry.

The most famous use of the diamond in jewelry is in engagement rings.  Even though diamond rings have been used to symbolize engagements since at least the 15th century, they became popular in the early to mid 20th century due to an advertising campaign by the DeBeers company.

Here is a diamond 101 class, so you can see which cut best fits your personality.  Remember….diamonds are forever

Emerald cut rings feature a rectangular stone with trimmed corners.









Round  or “Brilliant” cuts are a popular choice among couples.  A round diamond has numerous facets (flat Faces) for exceptional brilliance. The shape resembles that of a cone and provides maximized light return through the top of the diamond.

















Pear shape rings can create the illusion of slimmer fingers.
















Marquise rings have a slim oval shape with tapered, pointed ends.


















Oval rings are frequently used with other stones in a detailed setting.

















Asscher cuts are rare and hard to find.


So Sparkly and Bright! Unique Engagement Rings

Thinking he’ll pop the question?  Here are some unique engagement ring to inspire you to say “I Do!”.




feel like a star with this number from


it’s all under cover with this tightly bound diamond from


an ocean inspired engagement band


ISES engagement ring from


 tongue tied lasso-like from the

a whimsical band with this engagement ring from

So Sparkly and Bright! Engagement Rings that are RIGHT!

Engagement rings are so not a dime a dozen.  The ring should showcase both your personalities and set the tone for not only the BIG day, but also the rest of your lives. published 50 Amazing Wedding Rings on their website today.

Here is a little bit of eye candy!


Subtle and delicate, this gold stunner has seven pave diamonds, sure to bring good luck.

Diamond “Lucky Seven” ring, $620, Yayoi Forest,

– – – – –

Simple and to the point, this ring is a classic with a twist.

Emerald cut diamond solitaire ring, $1,975,

– – – – –

Points to your partner for going off the beaten path. From Ere by Repossi, the Italian heritage brand that is headed up by the super-cool Gaia Repossi, this ring is sure to be noticed.

Diamond pave ring, $26,553, Ere by Repossi,

– – – – –

Gorgeous and sustainable, Pean is known for creating jewelry that is socially and environmentally conscious.

Diamond “Hexagon” ring, $38,465, Monique Pean Atelier,

– – – – –

This ring also doubles as an ice-skating rink.

Amethyst and diamond ring, $14,120, Sara Weinstock,

– – – – –

THE END….for now….

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