Frequently Asked Questions

We thought you might have some questions! That’s why we put together some of our most frequently asked questions regarding the site below. For any other questions we haven’t included, please feel free to email us anytime *


Who directs your content?

With over a dozen years experience in the hospitality industry, Zohe Felici offers clients her extensive knowledge, impeccable taste, and unprecedented attention to detail. “There’s nothing I enjoy more than exceeding my clients’ expectations,” Felici explains. “To me, that is success.” And indeed her thorough preparation, communication skills, and organizational talent ensure that each aspect of every event—the location, décor, timing, menu, and ambiance—is indisputably perfect.

However, it is Felici’s international experience that affords her the creative resources to take events to the next level. A citizen of the world, Felici has lived in seven countries and speaks six languages. Her inspired global perspective and profound appreciation of diverse cultures lends exquisite color and texture to the celebrations she designs.

“I’ve transported wedding guests to 1940′s Cuba and transformed an outdoor area into a first class theatre”

“Everything you can imagine is real,” artist Pablo Picasso once said. Felici draws upon these inspiring words to gracefully execute her clients’ unparalleled vision and create exquisite, truly memorable events.


Can we submit a product (aka veil, shoe, piece of jewelry, etc) to be featured on your blog?

*Yes! Our editors are never paid to write about a specific product or company, and our featured items are chosen on the sole taste and discretion of our editorial team. If you are interested in letting us know about your product, please submit a link and no more than 5 images of your product. We appreciate your submission in advance, and ask for your patience in reviewing them. As a side note, we make every attempt to contact vendors who submit products to be featured.


How do I become part of the {Vendors We Love} section?

*We take great pride in the vendors we partner with and showcase on our website! While our vendor section is a form of paid advertising and does include fees, we always love to meet and get introduced to potential new advertisers. If you’re interested in becoming one of the Vendors We Love, please drop us a line and say hello!


What is the difference between your regular posts and a sponsored post?

*We will occasionally include sponsored posts in our daily blog feed. Sponsored posts are provided to us as a form of paid advertising. If there is ever a sponosred post, we will clearly mark it.