WIPA Presents Squaring The Circle


Monday, June 24, 2013


“Squaring The Circle – The Art of Photography – An Intimate Discussion with Four Uniquely Talented Trendsetters”


Join us on June 24th at the Pacific Club as Raphael Conelly, Owner and Publisher of Modèle Weddings Magazine, leads a panel discussion with four of Southern California’s leading Wedding Photographers and Film Makers.

“Squaring The Circle” is an ancient mathematical idea which has been used as a metaphor for doing the impossible.

We can master our cameras. We can master technical knowledge, theory and the history of our craft, but how do we master creativity? And how do we bring it to main stream media?

Our award winning Panelists – Mike Colon, Gene Higa, Brian Callaway and David Robin will discuss capturing the moment, the art of getting published, working with main stream media, and the best practices in the luxury market. We have also set aside time to answer your burning questions regarding their own marketing philosophies.

This esteemed group has reached notoriety not only through their photographic artistry but in their desire to teach and give back to their craft and industry. As individuals they have inspired and encouraged the next generation of photographers. As a group they present a wealth of knowledge and a not-to-be-missed WIPA Educational experience.

For additional details, registration and directions visit the WIPA website.

See you there!