Bon Appetit and Merci under wraps!

Favors are something guests could keep to remind them of the wedding, as well as a way to say thank you the guests that attend the wedding. Edible favors are popular and a way to share with guests ‘your taste’ and personality.  Here are some mouthwatering examples.


box of s’mores components, personalized and neatly wrapped up until ready to use and perfect for an apres reception bonfire.

Cake Ball Lollipops representing the bride and groom.



Mason jars work well for practically any type of edible, here we have home-made granola and assorted flavored popcorn



Bottled honey in unique jars


Laslty, celebrate your mushy love for each other with these heart-shaped jelly-centered cookies (or any family tradition including a recipe card.

Whatever your flavor, your guests are sure to enjoy a little nibble to remember how much fun they had at your wedding!  Contact your local baker to help you, or a grandmother or any family DIYourselfer.